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Connect with me here for custom artwork and brand photography inquiries. And if you're not ready to officially collaborate yet, feel free to drop a note and introduce yourself! I'd still love to meet you. =)

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What it's like to work with me

I love creating beautiful things and always have a ton of fun along the way! You'll learn real quick that I'm super easy going and have a throw-my-head-back-and-laugh sense of humor. I'm also pretty relaxed about things, which keeps collaborations stress free and calm. Yet, I'm careful to attain the level of quality desired, and won't stop until we've achieved your vision. So, how do we begin?

1. Start by submitting the form above, providing as many details about your project, event, or photography needs as possible.

2. We'll have a consultation to explore more details, and after that I'll create a quote detailing exactly what services will cost what.

3. We'll sign an agreement you'll pay a deposit, and the work will begin!

Emily Plank